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Mechanical Parking Systems have a name – It’s a KLAUS.

Welcome to KLAUS Multiparking US, where we specialize in transforming urban spaces with our innovative parking solutions. With over 50 years of expertise, we offer a range of space-saving, mechanical, and automatic parking systems designed to meet the needs of modern cities. Our state-of-the-art technology ensures safe, efficient, and convenient parking solutions that maximize space utilization and enhance urban living. Explore our products and discover how we can help you redefine parking in your area.

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Your benefits with KLAUS Multiparking systems:

  • Eliminate parking space hunting with our efficient systems
  • Maximize space with our vehicle storage solutions
  • Intelligent design creates more room for green spaces and recreational areas
  • Enjoy easy, secure access to parking
  • Custom solutions for any parking challenge
  • Invest in top-quality, durable parking systems
  • Benefit from low operational and maintenance costs
  • Quality assured with German engineering
  • Experience our premium, nationwide service