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Sustainable Mechanized Parking System Solutions

Credits: 1 AIA LU / HSW CE Hour

Course Description:

'DRAW TODAY FOR TOMORROW' is more than a phrase; it is a philosophy that affects all our living and work environments. The time is now for architects, consultants, and developers to think about future-ready and sustainable parking solutions.

In the ever-increasing competitive real estate market, the design team should be familiar with efficient parking technologies that not only increase the economic value for projects but provide answers to the growing Global consideration of the environment. Multilevel car stackers, parking pallets, and automated parking systems enhance project designs by offering valuable advantages over traditional parking solutions. They minimize parking space, increase living space and workspace, offer economic opportunities, and are environmentally friendly.

The systems' benefits apply to new construction projects as well as improve renovations and optimize the adaptive re-use of structures. This course explains the types of mechanized parking systems, architectural and structural design considerations for new construction and renovations, appropriate project use for system types, the sustainable advantages of system implementation, and environmental benefits.

Learn a new innovative and cost-effective perspective to your project planning.

HSW Justification:

Sustainable Parking Systems:

  1. Architectural and structural design criteria for system type and model selection for new construction and renovation projects.
  2. Review appropriate project use – Mixed-Use, Multifamily, Commercial, Hospitality, etc. for each system type.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Define mechanized parking and the types of vehicle parking systems available and explain the differences between the five different parking typologies.
  2. Discuss the sustainable benefits of systems’ utilization including land usage, development footprint, and applicable integration of systems in design.
  3. Identify how vehicle parking systems utilize parking capacity while preserving and enabling additional green space in and out of the urban environment.
  4. Explain the benefits outside of Floor Area Ratio (FAR). Discuss conditions that exist now and in the future that make mechanized parking crucial to sustainable growth.
  5. Analyze structural, architectural, and additional general design criteria for system design type and model selection for new construction and renovation projects.

AIA Course Number:                     KMUSA.2

Provider Name:                             KLAUS Multiparking America Inc.

Prerequisite Knowledge:             None

Design Category (CSI Division):  (14) Conveying Systems


  • Category:                  Project Planning & Design
  • Sub-Category:          Building Design
  • Keywords:                 Vehicle Lift Systems; Parking Lift Systems; Mechanized Parking Systems; Automated Parking
                                     Systems; Puzzle Systems; Stackers


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