Our Philosophy

KLAUS Multiparking is guided by deep-rooted values: quality, reliability, partnership and tradition. In over 110 years of the company’s history, we have constantly reinvented ourselves – but have always remained true to ourselves.

Of course, these ​​are also the values of KLAUS Multiparking America and we bring them to life. Our aim as a local partner to our customers is to be simply the best – as a consultant, for assembly and for after sales service – no more and no less.

Our customers expect premium quality products. Safe. Efficient. Durable. This is what we do.

Reduce the space used for parking, but multiply the number of parking space

The innovative premium parking systems from KLAUS Multiparking help to create parking spaces in the smallest areas, thus ensuring mobility on a sustainable basis. Sustainable also in the context that cars will disappear from the roads.
This boosts the appeal of cities, improves people’s quality of life, ensures a better overview in traffic, and allows all road users to use the roads with a feeling of greater safety.

Why ideas from Aitrach are making a difference in the world.

Parking is all about movement. Some mechanical parking systems feature complex technical designs that contain myriad moving parts. The concept behind them is to make parked vehicles mobile so that they can be moved around flexibly, allowing parking spaces to be used more efficiently.
This idea has been motivating KLAUS Multiparking since 1960. Since then, we have created more than 700,000 parking spaces. Over the years, our premium parking systems have become increasingly flexible and capable. At the same time, they are saving more and more resources – that’s because they use less energy, for example, or some systems can even be adapted to changing parking space requirements after installation. Movement is in our blood.

German-Engineered Quality

KLAUS Multiparking's commitment to excellence is not just about affordability but is deeply rooted in an extensive heritage of over six decades. This period has been marked by continuous innovation, refined technical acumen, and a steadfast dedication to customer satisfaction.

Starting with the pioneering of mechanical parking solutions in the 1960s to the current portfolio that includes both traditional and high-tech, electronically managed systems, KLAUS Multiparking ensures that every product is a showcase of cutting-edge technology.

This evolution reflects our unwavering commitment to delivering state-of-the-art parking solutions.