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Mechanical parking systems and seismic situation

In the construction industry, including the realm of mechanical parking systems, a variety of external factors must be taken into account, tailored to the application area and geographic region. These factors include ground loads, traffic management strategies, snow and wind loads, temperature variations, and seismic conditions, all of which play a crucial role in the design and implementation of these systems.

For our team, adherence to local regulations is merely the starting point, not the entirety of our commitment. We prioritize the safety, functionality, and reliability that clients should anticipate from a high-quality product—a focus that budget solution providers may overlook. Beyond standard structural assessments, we also perform comprehensive seismic analyses. This means that in areas with typical seismic activity, our mechanical parking systems can seamlessly integrate into design plans using our conventional supports, ensuring that we meet and exceed the foundational safety and performance standards our customers expect.

In regions with heightened seismic activity or substantial seismic risks, such as California, Salt Lake City, or Charleston, the scenario requires a different approach. The implementation of static reinforcements, like bracing, may be essential to meet the specific seismic design criteria. For projects within these areas, we supply detailed shop drawings validated by a professional structural engineer. Additionally, our specialists are eager to offer their expertise during your project's planning phase. This collaborative effort aims to develop a tailored concept that aligns with the unique seismic considerations of your location, ensuring the structural integrity and safety of our parking system installations.

Please note that in such cases there may be deviations in the general system dimensions, which we specify in our download section (data sheets, CAD models etc.).

For specific seismic requests and support please kindly reach out to your regional Sales Partner or to the Main Office.

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