The invisible underfloor parking system

MultiBase U20 can make two cars disappear underground.

Instead of rising above ground, the MultiBase U20 underfloor parking system is sunk underground by two levels. The top platform is level with the ground when lowered. The entire system can then be driven on, enabling valuable extra parking space to be created out of just one driveway. Alternatively, you can transform your front garden into an invisible parking garage and increase the value of your property. In any case, up to two vehicles can be conveniently and safely stored away.

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  • For independent parking
  • Single platform U20 (SP) for 2 cars
  • Pit depth of standard type: 13’-11“/14’-1“
  • Vehicle dimensions: height 5’-5“ and/or 6’-7“, length 16’-5“ to 17’-1“
  • Usable platform width for standard type: 7’-6“/15’-1“ , optional up to max. 8’-10“/17’-9“
  • Standard design: 4,409 lbs per parking space, optional max. 5,732 lbs SP
  • Horizontal access to all parking levels
  • Flush to the ground and can be driven on
  • Top surface can be freely designed: cassette-type cover, which can be designed to blend in with surroundings on request (e.g. stone layer, lawn)
  • Platform coating: EasyWalk, optional AluLongLife
  • Electronic components are UL compliant
  • Seismic reports upon request available
  • Guaranteed Lifetime Spare Parts Availability

Field of application

  • Installation e.g. in the inner courtyard or green spaces of residential and commercial buildings, family homes and apartment buildings, office buildings and hotels
  • Constructions abutting property lines

Further visualizations of the MultiBase U20

MultiBase U20 References

MultiBase U20 in Munich

The different product variants of the MultiBase U20