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Paying cheap can be bittersweet

But we all are used to buy cheap - especially in times where the internet allows you not only to find the cheapest price, but even to locate the producer in Asia and get it even cheaper directly from him.

My friend Paul, like many other people, has a wonderful collection of “one-use-tools” in his man cave waiting to be fixed "tomorrow" or latest on the weekend. His Maths are simple – three low price power drills are still cheaper than one quality product, which is most probably also from China. The fact that the premium product comes with quality control, safety control, certificates, warranty and service & support isn’t that important in private life. Unfortunately, the awareness of resources and the energy wasted to build cheap crap, will still need some time to reach everybody and broken cheap things will grow our garbage mountains in the meantime.

So far, (not) so good. But this mentality comes to a sudden end, when trying to handle things in a bigger scale the same way. Would you fly with a cheap plane made somewhere in Asia (Great deal - half price of Boing!) and budget crew (Yesterday a farmer, today a pilot – everything is possible with Youtube training!)? Or drive a Chinese car with two airbags and LED interior light? Most probably not, because it can be dangerous for your life and the ones you love.

The more difficult it is to understand why people are willing to park their safe cars on budget mechanical parking systems which are not safe at all. I have seen during the last years several simple and cheap low quality stack parkers where the platform broke and the car on it came down and nearly killed the owners, but still people go for the cheap thing.

Without any doubt it is sometimes difficult to understand as outsider the difference and even where the product comes from. Especially when products use impressive language or labels like “Quality”, “Switzerland” or “Digital”. But there is a simple trick how to find out the truth – just try again to find the source of the product. A quality supplier will be always pleased and even proud to show you the production (not just relabeling) and the efforts to design and build for you the safe and best quality mechanical parking systems you only should allow in your world.

Do you want to see our production? Just let me know!