Fully automatic parking system at on CNBC

KLAUS Multiparking America Inc. in the News CNBC!

The KLAUS MasterVario R3C, a state-of-the-art fully automatic parking system, installed in the luxury condominium building located at 121 East 22nd Street in New York City was featured in a recent article by Ray Parisi of CNBC.

The system provides parking for 24 spaces and includes a turntable that automatically rotates the vehicles so they are facing in the correct direction when exiting the system.

KLAUS’ E-Parking charging solution accommodates 10 electric vehicles. The electric charging capability is integrated into the parking platforms. This allows the charger to be installed on the platform and move with the vehicle within the system. This amenity adds convenience for the residents as well as helping our environment.

It is exciting to see our system in action. Watch the video and enjoy the parking experience!